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API routes

The API is being designed and developed, with priority on current needs. Specifications are available in redoc (which is better formatted visually) and swagger (which allows you to try the API via the interface).

Here is a list of the current routes (last update: 06.12.2022). All routes are available with POST, while some of them also have GET or batch POST alternatives (ref). The routes that are not read-only have restricted access.

Route Read-only Description
/search/lexical-unit/ yes search for lexical units based on their properties and parts
/retrieve/lexical-unit/ yes get a lexical unit's basic data
/get-or-create/lexical-unit/ no get or create a lexical unit based on properties and components
/search/lexeme/ yes search for lexemes
/retrieve/lexeme/ yes get a lexeme's data
/get-or-create/lexeme/ no get or create a lexeme based on defining properties
/retrieve/lexical-unit-lexemes/ yes get the lexical unit's component lexemes
/search/category/ yes search for a lexeme's category (part of speech) by string
/search/form/ yes search for word forms by string
/retrieve/lexical-unit-senses/ yes get the senses of a lexical unit
/retrieve/lexical-unit-sense-relations/ yes get the sense relations of a lexical unit's senses
/retrieve/lexical-unit-collocations/ yes get the collocations of a lexical unit
/retrieve/lexical-unit-translations/ yes get the translations of a lexical unit
/retrieve/lexical-unit-sense-examples/ yes get corpus examples for the senses of a lexical unit
/get-or-create/resource/ no get or create a dictionary or other resource
/search/resource/ yes search or list resources available
/attach/lexical-unit/ no attach a lexical unit to a resource
/detach/lexical-unit/ no detach a lexical unit from a resource
/search/syntactic-structure/ yes get the XML definitions of syntactic structures
/process/string-to-tokens/ yes parse a Slovene string to get a list of tokens