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Introduction to Tags

This chapter summarises the Šolar tags. A more detailed presentation can be found in the guidelines in the Annotation Guidelines chapter.

Tag Linguistic level Category of correction Specific language problem
Č/VOK/odveč Spelling Vowels Superfluous vowel
Č/VOK/izpust Spelling Vowels Omitted vowel
Č/VOK/menjava-ao Spelling Vowels AO substitution
Č/VOK/menjava-ei Spelling Vowels EI substitution
Č/VOK/menjava-uo Spelling Vowels UO substitution
Č/VOK/menjava-drugo Spelling Vowels Other vowel substitutions
Č/KONZ/odveč Spelling Consonants Superfluous consonant
Č/KONZ/izpust Spelling Consonants Omitted consonant
Č/KONZ/menjava-sz Spelling Consonants Substitution SZ
Č/KONZ/menjava-td Spelling Consonants Substitution TD
Č/KONZ/menjava-kgh Spelling Consonants Substitution KGH
Č/KONZ/menjava-mn Spelling Consonants Substitution MN
Č/KONZ/menjava-šž Spelling Consonants Substitution ŠŽ
Č/KONZ/menjava-strešice Spelling Consonants Substitution of DIACRITIC
Č/KONZ/menjava-drugo Spelling Consonants Other consonant substitution
Č/W/začetek Spelling Labio-velar approximant w Word-initially
Č/W/sredina Spelling Labio-velar approximant w Word-medial 
Č/W/konec Spelling Labio-velar approximant w Word-final
Č/W/v Spelling Labio-velar approximant w Prepositional V
Č/SKLOP/zlog Spelling Letter clusters A syllable is missing or is superfluous
Č/SKLOP/lj Spelling Letter clusters Cluster LJ 
Č/SKLOP/nj Spelling Letter clusters Cluster NJ
Č/SKLOP/ij Spelling Letter clusters Cluster IJ
Č/SKLOP/podvojene Spelling Letter clusters Doubled letters
Č/SKLOP/premet Spelling Letter clusters Metathesis
Č/PRED/sz Spelling Variable (allophonic) prepositions Preposition s/z
Č/PRED/kh Spelling Variable (allophonic) prepositions Preposition k/h 
O/KAT/sklon-rt Morphology Categorical corrections Case: genitive-accusative
O/KAT/sklon-dm Morphology Categorical corrections Case: dative-locative 
O/KAT/sklon-mo Morphology Categorical corrections Case: locative-instrumental
O/KAT/sklon-drugo Morphology Categorical corrections Other case substitutions
O/KAT/število-em Morphology Categorical corrections Number: singular-plural
O/KAT/število-dm Morphology Categorical corrections Number: dual-plural
O/KAT/število-ed Morphology Categorical corrections Number: single-dual
O/KAT/spol Morphology Categorical corrections Gender
O/KAT/vid Morphology Categorical corrections Aspect
O/KAT/čas Morphology Categorical corrections Tense
O/KAT/oseba Morphology Categorical corrections Person
O/KAT/nedoločnik-kratki Morphology Categorical corrections Reduced infinitive
O/KAT/nedoločnik-namenilnik Morphology Categorical corrections Infinitive and supine
O/KAT/nedoločnik-osebna Morphology Categorical corrections Infinitive and finite verb
O/KAT/povratnost Morphology Categorical corrections Reflexivity
O/KAT/naklon Morphology Categorical corrections Mood
O/KAT/način Morphology Categorical corrections Voice
O/KAT/oblika-zaimka Morphology Categorical corrections Pronomial form
O/KAT/določnost Morphology Categorical corrections Definiteness
O/KAT/stopnjevanje Morphology Categorical corrections Comparison
O/PAR/glagolska-osnova Morphology Paradigmatic Corrections Verbal root
O/PAR/glagolska-končnica Morphology Paradigmatic Corrections Verbal ending
O/PAR/neglagolska-osnova Morphology Paradigmatic Corrections Non-verbal root
O/PAR/neglagolska-končnica Morphology Paradigmatic Corrections Non-verbal ending 
O/PAR/neobstojni-vokal Morphology Paradigmatic Corrections Epenthetic vowel
O/PAR/preglas-in-cč Morphology Paradigmatic Corrections Umlaut and cč
O/DOD/variante Morphology Additional Annotation Morphological variants
O/DOD/besede-mati-hči Morphology Additional Annotation Mati-hči
O/DOD/besede-otrok Morphology Additional Annotation Otrok
B/SAM/napačno-lastno Vocabulary Nouns Erroneous proper noun
B/SAM/lastno-občno Vocabulary Nouns Proper and common name
B/SAM/občno-besedišče Vocabulary Nouns Common vocabulary
B/GLAG/predpona Vocabulary Verbs Verbal prefixes
B/GLAG/moči-morati Vocabulary Verbs Substitution moči-morati 
B/GLAG/naklonski Vocabulary Verbs Other substitutions of modal verbs
B/GLAG/drugo Vocabulary Verbs Other substitutions of verbs
B/ZAIM/povratna-svojilnost Vocabulary Pronoun Reflexive possessive
B/ZAIM/ki-kateri Vocabulary Pronoun Substitution ki -- kateri
B/ZAIM/oziralni Vocabulary Pronoun Other problems with relative pronouns
B/ZAIM/noben Vocabulary Pronoun Substitution of negative pronouns
B/ZAIM/drugo Vocabulary Pronoun Other pronomial substitutions
B/PRED/glagolske-zveze Vocabulary Preposition Prepositions in verbal phrases
B/PRED/neglagolske-zveze Vocabulary Preposition Prepositions into non-verbal phrases
B/PRED/lokacijske-dvojnice Vocabulary Preposition Locative doublets
B/PRED/drugo Vocabulary Preposition Other substitutions of prepositions
B/VEZ/in-pa-ter Vocabulary Conjunction Substitutions of in-pa-ter
B/VEZ/protivni Vocabulary Conjunction Coordinating adversative conjunction
B/VEZ/sprememba-odnosa Vocabulary Conjunction Change to subordination
B/VEZ/drugo Vocabulary Conjunction Other substitutions of conjunctions
B/PRID/drugo Vocabulary Adjective All problems related to adjectives
B/PRISL/drugo Vocabulary Adverb All problems related to adverbs
B/OST/drugo Vocabulary Other parts of speech All problems related to other parts of speech
B/MEN/polnopomenska-v-zaimek Vocabulary Substitutions beyond the confines of part of speech Lexical word or phrase changed into pronoun
B/MEN/zaimek-v-polnopomensko Vocabulary Substitutions beyond the confines of part of speech Pronoun to a lexical word or phrase
B/MEN/veznik-zaimek Vocabulary Substitutions beyond the confines of part of speech Substitution of conjunction and pronoun
B/MEN/besedna-družina Vocabulary Substitutions beyond the confines of part of speech Word family 
B/MEN/samostalnik-bz Vocabulary Substitutions beyond the confines of part of speech Noun and phrase
B/MEN/glagol-bz Vocabulary Substitutions beyond the confines of part of speech Verb and phrase
B/MEN/prislov-pridevnik-bz Vocabulary Substitutions beyond the confines of part of speech Adverb/adjective and phrase
B/MEN/drugo Vocabulary Substitutions beyond the confines of part of speech Other types of substitutions
B/DOD/zaznamovano Vocabulary Substitutions beyond the confines of part of speech Stylistically marked vocabulary
S/BR/povedek-osebek Syntax Word order Constituent order: predicate-subject
S/BR/povedek-predmet Syntax Word order Constituent order: predicate-object
S/BR/povedek-prislovno-določilo Syntax Word order Order: sentence-adverbial determiner
S/BR/členek Syntax Word order Order: particle
S/BR/znotraj-stavčnega-člena Syntax Word order Order within clausal constituents
S/BR/naslonski-niz-znotraj Syntax Word order Clitic string: order of clitics
S/BR/naslonski-niz-prirednost-podrednost Syntax Word order Clitic string: independent-subordinate
S/BR/drugo Syntax Word order Other changes to word order
S/IZPUST/samostalnik-občno-ime Syntax Omitted constituents Noun: common noun
S/IZPUST/samostalnik-lastno-ime Syntax Omitted constituents Noun: proper noun
S/IZPUST/glagol-biti Syntax Omitted constituents The verb biti
S/IZPUST/glagol-drugo Syntax Omitted constituents Other omitted verbs
S/IZPUST/veznik-pa Syntax Omitted constituents The word pa
S/IZPUST/veznik-drugo Syntax Omitted constituents Other omitted conjunctions
S/IZPUST/predlog-ponovljen Syntax Omitted constituents Repeated prepositions
S/IZPUST/predlog-drugo Syntax Omitted constituents Other omitted prepositions
S/IZPUST/zaimek-osebni Syntax Omitted constituents Personal pronoun
S/IZPUST/zaimek-drugo Syntax Omitted constituents Other omitted pronouns
S/IZPUST/pridevnik Syntax Omitted constituents Adjective
S/IZPUST/prislov Syntax Omitted constituents Adverb
S/IZPUST/členek Syntax Omitted constituents Particle
S/IZPUST/stavek Syntax Omitted constituents Sentence
S/ODVEČ/ponavljanje Syntax Superfluous constituents Literal repetition
S/ODVEČ/samostalnik-občno-ime Syntax Superfluous constituents Noun: common noun
S/ODVEČ/samostalnik-lastno-ime Syntax Superfluous constituents Noun: proper noun
S/ODVEČ/glagol-biti Syntax Superfluous constituents The verb biti
S/ODVEČ/glagol-drugo Syntax Superfluous constituents Other superfluous verb
S/ODVEČ/veznik-pa-vezniki Syntax Superfluous constituents The word pa with another conjunction
S/ODVEČ/veznik-pa-drugo Syntax Superfluous constituents Other examples including the word pa
S/ODVEČ/veznik-začetek Syntax Superfluous constituents Conjunction at the beginning of a sentence
S/ODVEČ/veznik-dvojni Syntax Superfluous constituents Doubled conjunction
S/ODVEČ/veznik-drugo Syntax Superfluous constituents Other superfluous conjunction
S/ODVEČ/predlog Syntax Superfluous constituents Preposition
S/ODVEČ/zaimek-osebni Syntax Superfluous constituents Personal pronoun
S/ODVEČ/zaimek-kazalni Syntax Superfluous constituents Demonstrative pronoun
S/ODVEČ/zaimek-svojilni Syntax Superfluous constituents Possessive pronoun
S/ODVEČ/zaimek-drugo Syntax Superfluous constituents Other superfluous pronouns
S/ODVEČ/pridevnik Syntax Superfluous constituents Adjective
S/ODVEČ/prislov-mera Syntax Superfluous constituents Adverb of degree 
S/ODVEČ/prislov-drugo Syntax Superfluous constituents Other superfluous adverbs
S/ODVEČ/členek Syntax Superfluous constituents Particle
S/ODVEČ/stavek Syntax Superfluous constituents Clause
S/ODVEČ/poved Syntax Superfluous constituents Sentence
S/STR/svojina-od Syntax Structure Possessives with od
S/STR/svojina-rodilnik Syntax Structure Possessives with the genitive
S/STR/ločilo-veznik Syntax Structure Substitution punctuation-conjunction
S/STR/združevanje-stavkov Syntax Structure Merged clauses
S/STR/deljenje-stavkov Syntax Structure Separation of clauses/sentences
S/STR/besedna-zveza-stavek Syntax Structure Word/phrase instead of clause and vice versa 
S/STR/preoblikovanje-stavka Syntax Structure Reworked clause
S/DOD/pleonazem Syntax Additional Annotation Pleonasm
S/DOD/vsebina-drugo Syntax Additional Annotation Superfluous content
S/DOD/vsebina-napake Syntax Additional Annotation Erroneous content
S/DOD/pomensko-prazni Syntax Additional Annotation Semantically null
Z/MV/pridevnik-ski Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Adjectives ending in -ski 
Z/MV/pridevnik-drugo Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Other adjectives
Z/MV/občna-imena Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Common noun
Z/MV/osebna-imena Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Personal name with lowercase letter
Z/MV/narodnost Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Nationality with lowercase letter
Z/MV/zemljepisna-imena Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Geographical name with lowercase letter
Z/MV/stvarna-imena Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Proper nouns with lowercase letter
Z/MV/premi-govor Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Direct speech
Z/MV/začetek-povedi Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Sentence initial
Z/MV/hiperkorekcija-ločila Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Hypercorrection following a period
Z/MV/drugo Orthography Capital/lowercase letters Other problems with initial letters
Z/SN/skupaj-glagol Orthography Together/separate Verb together
Z/SN/skupaj-predlog Orthography Together/separate Preposition together
Z/SN/narazen-predlog Orthography Together/separate Preposition separate
Z/SN/skupaj-prislov Orthography Together/separate Adverb together
Z/SN/narazen-prislov Orthography Together/separate Adverb separate
Z/SN/narazen-pridevnik Orthography Together/separate Adjective separate
Z/SN/narazen-drugo Orthography Together/separate Other separate
Z/SN/skupaj-drugo Orthography Together/separate Other together
Z/KR/drugo Orthography Abbreviations All problems related to abbreviations
Z/ŠTEV/drugo Orthography Numbers All problems related to numbers
Z/LOČ/nerazvrščeno Orthography Punctuation Unclassified punctuation corrections
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-stavki Orthography Punctuation Comma before subordinate clauses
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-stavčni-členi Orthography Punctuation Comma between parts-of-speech
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-vezniki Orthography Punctuation Comma and multi-word conjunctions
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-kot Orthography Punctuation Comma and comparative structures
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-pristavki Orthography Punctuation Comma and appositions etc.
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-vrinjen-odvisnik Orthography Punctuation Comma and inserted subordinate clauses
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-priredja-zvez Orthography Punctuation Comma and coordinate phrases
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-priredja-odvisnikov Orthography Punctuation Comma and coordinate clauses
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-pridevniški-niz Orthography Punctuation Comma in adjective strings
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-elipsa-povedka Orthography Punctuation Comma and predicate ellipsis
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-kopičenje-ločil Orthography Punctuation Comma and punctuation accumulation
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-kopičenje-veznikov Orthography Punctuation Comma and conjunction accumulation
Z/LOČ/vzorec-vejica-navajanje Orthography Punctuation Comma and quotation
P/OBL/drugo Related corrections Related morphology corrections All corrections related to morphology
P/SKLA/osebek Related corrections Related syntax corrections Corrections of subject
P/SKLA/drugo Related corrections Related syntax corrections Other corrections related to syntax
P/ZAP/mala-velika Related corrections Related orthography corrections Corrections of initial letter
N//nečitljivo Illegible and dubious examples Illegible examples
N//preveri Illegible and dubious examples Dubious examples