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Introduction to Tags

The Universal Dependencies framework establishes a comprehensive and universal set of tags for parts of speech (POS), morphological features and syntactic dependencies that can be adopted in the treebanks of individual languages, or supplemented with new morphological features or derivations of core relations when necessary. For the Slovene language data, this includes the adoption of all 17 parts of speech (see Table 1), 22 morphological features spanning 62 distinct values (see Table 2), and 35 types of dependency relations (see Table 3).

Tag Description
ADJ adjective
ADP adposition
ADV adverb
AUX auxiliary
CCONJ coordinating conjunction
DET determiner
INTJ interjection
NOUN noun
NUM numeral
PART particle
PRON pronoun
PROPN proper noun
PUNCT punctuation
SCONJ subordinating conjunction
SYM symbol
VERB verb
X other

Table 1: Part-of-speech tags used in Slovene texts.

Feature Value Description
Abbr  Yes abbreviation
Animacy  Anim, Inanim animacy
Aspect  Imp, Perf aspect
Case  Nom, Gen, Dat, Acc, Loc, Ins case
Definite  Ind, Def definiteness or state
Degree  Pos, Cmp, Sup degree
Foreign  Yes is this a foreign word?
Gender  Masc, Fem, Neut gender
Gender[psor]  Masc. Fem, Neut possessor’s gender
Mood  Ind, Imp, Cnd mood
Number  Sing, Dual, Plur number
Number[psor]  Sing, Dual, Plur possessor’s number
NumForm  Word, Digit, Roman numeral form
NumType  Card, Ord, Mult, Sets numeral type
Person  1, 2, 3 person
Polarity  Neg, Pos polarity
Poss  Yes possessive
PronType  Prs, Int, Rel, Dem, Tot, Neg, Ind pronominal type
Reflex  Yes reflexive
Tense  Pres, Fut tense
Variant  Bound, Short alternative form of word
VerbForm  Fin, Inf, Sup, Part, Conv form of verb or deverbative

Table 2: Tags for morphological features used in Slovene texts. In the corpus, these are listed in the form of feature and value pairs (e.g., Tense=Pres).

Tag Description
acl clausal modifier of noun
advcl adverbial clause modifier
advmod adverbial modifier
amod adjectival modifier
appos appositional modifier
aux auxiliary verb
case case marking preposition
cc coordinating conjunction
ccomp clausal complement
conj conjunct
cop copula verb
csubj clausal subject
dep unspecified dependency
det determiner
discourse discourse element
dislocated dislocated element
expl expletive
fixed fixed multi-word expression
flat flat multi word-expression
goeswith disjointed token
iobj indirect object
list list
mark marker (subordinating conjunction)
nmod nominal modifier
nsubj nominal subject
nummod numeric modifier
obj (direct) object
obl oblique nominal (adjunct)
orphan dependent of missing parent
parataxis parataxis
punct punctuation symbol
reparandum overriden disfluency
root root element
vocative vocative
xcomp open clausal complement

Table 3: Tags for syntactic dependency relations (without subtypes) used in Slovene texts.