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08 Named Entities

Named entities (NEs) are nouns and noun phrases that specifically designate a person, location, organisation or other distinct object existing in real space and time, In a broader sense, they can also include (possessive) adjectives derived from a person's name, such as DERIV-PER[Obamova] izvolitev). In Slovene, named entities are typically indicated orthographically by capitalization (e.g., "Slovenska tiskovna agencija") or abbreviations (e.g., "STA"). It's important to note, however, that a capital letter or an abbreviation doesn't always signify a named entity (e.g. the Slovene acronym BDP, translated to 'GDP' in English, represents a common noun phrase). The ability to accurately identify named entities in text plays a crucial role in numerous natural language processing tasks, including information extraction, coreference resolution, sentiment analysis, and more.